I take back what I’ve said.

My band disappointed me like hell yesterday.

To the point I’m really hurt beyond words.

The past 2 days was disappointment upon disappointment

that I had/ still have to tell you off straight that what we’re doing is crap.

I found out that:

1.our music is good, somehow, but its all what we’ve learnt from school. we’ve been recycling it over and over.

2. i take back about “bothering” about our competition,we have to… cause people are already calling us crap( and i won’t mention names)

Its just too bad that you all are too damn bothered about your lives so much so I feel as though I’m the only one trying to pull the band together for almost all performances.Not that I hate it, but its just too much when you all decide you should throw discipline out the window and self-centered-ness is what you breathe every fucking minute of your life.


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