Love is blind.

Bad milk in the morning. Just my luck.

I can tell today ain’t gonna be a good day. why?

cause I had BAD MILK!!! oblivious to the sign my mum put up saying the part of the fridge had broken down.

and my nokia phone has gone bonkers. So i’m using a motorola phone( i have no idea how to work the damn thing), so forgive me if i take ages to reply your text.

So basically, I have to get a test paper typed out, find my waranty go to nokia and service my phone, find the fridge waranty and call the fridge ppl to repair the damn thing………..all before 2.00pm…good luck to me balls!

this was the performance that sort of melted my heart.His voice!!! ahhh…

I see you all the time
Never see you smile
I try to picture what’s going on in your mind
He leaves you every night by yourself
He took your love and put it on the shelf
He doesn’t really care…how you feel…
You should be moving on girl what’s the deal?
I wana see you out that door…cuz girl you know your worth much more

Yah azizi is mahiri (some arab words…i think its “precious, hear me out”)
I really don’t wanna see u cry
Mujko samjho dil peh mat lo (understand me don’t take it to heart)
Don’t wana see another tear in your eye
Baby break away
Let him go

I don’t know he’s done to you
But I know that its time to move on
Girl your love blind


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